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Americanhomes4rent is the worst company to rent from. I rented from them for nearly 2 years and always paid my rent on time.

Upon my move out, I completed all required move out requirements. Apparently it wasn't to their standards since I got punished with my $1250.00 not returnable deposit and $1100.00 in bills for the last month before moving out. Repair and damage bill according to them was over $1800.00 making it a grand total of over $3100.00. I honestly feel so violated getting ripped off by a bunch of incompetent an unprofessional rip-offs.

During tuff economic times because of Covid-19 my lease expired, and I was forced to go month to month increasing my rent by over $200.00 extra a month making it very hard for me and my family to just paid the rent and keep a roof over our shoulders.

To me it seems that I got punished for trying to stay on top of my rent and not default like so many people that just stop paying their rent when the pandemic hit. I guess I will be making payments to them for a while till I pay off the remaining balanced I supposedly still owe.

User's recommendation: Never Rent From This Rip-Offs.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Homes 4 Rent House Rental.

Location: Avondale, Arizona

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This is why this company continues to abuse people. Everyone just rolls over and pays up.

This company is a scam.

I have just rented from them and all of the stories on this site I heart wrenching, to say the least. These investors are ripping off people because they know no one would put up a fight and take them to court.

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