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I moved out 8/21/18 after proper notice. In Georgia, they are required to send an itemized list of damages and costs within 3 business days.

They did not properly do this. They deducted damages from my deposit without specific notice about damage costs. They deducted over $800 in utilities from deposit and refuse to send me the bills even after I demanded!!! They still have money on book that belongs to me and have not returned my money.

When I reached out to the property manager, she tried to justify the deductions. She even sent me documentation regarding the deductions that was never ever provided. She sent me info on the wrong house too!

This company refuses to comply with the Georgia Security Deposit Statute. I will sue them!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

American Homes 4 Rent Pros: Nice rental home.

American Homes 4 Rent Cons: Customer care when it comes to your money is poor, Unresponsive and lack of follow through.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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American Homes for rent is a scam. They did the same thing to me .

Kept my deposit and now trying to charge me over $3500 more to in bogust charges after I moved out . My house had mold and the house was poorly maintained . Now I have to sue them as they sent me to some shady collection agency for rest above deposit that they illegally kept .


@Alycea Pld

It all worked out in my favor. I can’t talk about it....but let’s just say it was a great outcome for me!


Did you sue ?


You should call CBS46 and speak with Harry. He reports and scams like these and you can get them on TV. It sounds like this company is a big scam and have been getting away with this for years.


I have the same issue. Will not return the security deposit, like it was a gift to them.

I too am looking for legal action. Feel free to contact me with any joint discussion, class action or duel suit. I am open.

This company is awful in every way. cgluchey@***.com


I live in Georgia. I hired a lawyer yesterday. We are going after 3x the deposit plus attorney fees because Georgia allows that.

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