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To start the inside of the house was not painted before moving in. I asked them about it and they dropped off a 5 gallon bucket of paint to me and told me to do it myself.

I tried to do touch up painting but the paint didn't match and made it look worse. The carpet looks like its about 20 years old and was worn and ripped in the doorways when I moved in. And of course continued to wear, especially in the doorways, to where my foot got caught in one of the tears and I fell and hit my head. In which I told them about but were not concerned about fixing it so it wouldn't happen again.

The water heater went out and I immediately put in a service request. After 3 days of waiting and checking with them, I complained about needing to get a shower. I was told that I would have to boil water to get a bath. Finally, after 5 days someone came out and replaced the water heater.

Oh, and by the way, the house I am renting was $1,645 when I moved in and recently increased it to $1,855. But when they increased it they did not add in the extra amount for over 3 months then called me and told me I was past due $900. They said there was an error on their part and that I could make payments on the $900. But failed to tell me that they would be charging $75.00 late fees each month.

Now my latest problem. The refrigerator and freezer went out sometime during the night. I called them first thing in the morning. I told them everything in the freezer is defrosting.

I was told they would put in an emergency request and the repair person would be calling me. Next day and still no call. I put in a written request online and called the service dept, which a recording said someone would call me back in approx 1 min, 45 seconds. No call back!

So I called the person in charge of my property to complain and told them now everything in my freezer and fridge is ruined. I told her about all the above problems that I have had since living here that I have been very cordial and patient with. But that I am fed up now. She said I am going to call the service dept and also your leasing agent and I will call you back.

Have not gotten a call back from her or anyone!!

I am now beyond mad!! These people don't care about their tenants!!

User's recommendation: Do not rent from them!

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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