On September 28th 2020 we moved into our home at the address 12368 Tuckaway Court Fishers IN 46037. This property is managed by Aminata Bah who works for American Homes 4 aren't at the address 3077 E 98th St, Unit 180 Indianapolis IN 46280.

Upon moving in to our home we noticed many deficiencies to include mold and mildew, faulty appliances, water leakage, foul odor and heating issues, and a toilet that had been painted with white paint. We mentioned these issues to our property manager (Aminata Bah) who then instructed us to submit work orders to have the deficiencies fixed. Upon submitting work orders we started noticing that work orders were either not completed or were marked completed but the problem was not resolved. The major things we faced were the mold and mildew, heating, water leakage, boiler, and appliances.

First the mold could be seen under our kitchen sink, windows, bathroom floors and baseboards. Work orders were submitted between the dates of October 1st 2019 and October 7th 2019 for plumbing issues at which time the mold and mildew problems were addressed to the vendor that came out to do the inspection. During both of these times nothing was fixed and both of the work orders were marked as completed. To this day we still have issues with mold and mildew.

The second issue is the heating. At first we thought it was a heating issue so we submitted a work order on November 13th 2019 in which a technician came out to fix the pilot in our heater which didn't resolve anything as the home remained cold and the heater was constantly running which in turn caused our utility bill to be significantly high for several months. After some investigation we noticed that cold air was rushing into our home through one window in the living room, the windows in the master bedroom and windows in my daughters room. When this was discovered we submitted a work order for our windows December 5th 2019 in which the repairs were canceled.

We were told that the windows would cost too much to repair and ultimately we're not approved by the corporate office in Las Vegas NV. We later submitted another work order December 17th 2019 for the same issues in which only caulking was applied to the windows to "prevent" cold air from coming through. This did not remedy the problem and only put a band aid to an issue which later would result in buying two space heaters to keep the house warm and also resulted in both my wife and daughter being hospitalized due to illness inflicted by the cold air within the home. This issue has also not been resolved.

The third issue was the appliances which were both the dishwasher and refrigerator with the dishwasher being the main concern. The refrigerator cause our food to spoil and the dishwasher produced a foul smell, leaked and cause our dishes to smell horrible. Work orders were submitted on both October 2nd and 3rd of 2019. The refrigerator and dishwasher were replaced but we continued to have issues with our dishwasher.

We later submitted another work order for the dishwasher October 23rd 2019 in which the repair was cancelled and nothing was found. Yet another work order was submitted October 28th in which a leakage was detected and caused water to seep under the kitchen sink and flow into a portion of the living room. This caused a mildew smell and mold to grow. No repairs were completed and the technician advised us to use bleach to get rid of the smell and mold which again caused my family to get sick.

We are continuously having issues with this company and nothing ever gets resolved.

I am a veteran with 8 years of active duty service and health concerns. I have never in my life encountered this type of problem and has caused more stress, worry, and anxiety on top of what I already have.

User's recommendation: Beware of AH4R they scam, lie, and don’t care if the rental is in accordance with the health department.

Location: Fishers, Indiana

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