Disputing a cleaning fee from my move out security refund. Below was my response to my leasing agent manager. That up to this point was nice until it involved my refund on my security deposit, Her name Aubrey Ventilli. The home was located in Goodyear, AZ 85392 (suburb of Phoenix, AZ).

The pictures you have included in the report are ridiculous.

The water stains on a 17-year-old home and discoloration of the floor you provided was a simple lighting and angle the pictures were taken. The house had holes and dog *** from the previous residents, and you want to keep 300 on a "professional cleaner filtered picture" where clearly the light and angle made a difference. I forgot to empty 1 drawer and wipe it down. I took pictures of the house and compiled 15 pages in a PDF of the dump condition it was found in. The pictures of the fridge were pointless. I work hard for my money and paid lots of fee's to rent this home with bogus utilities invoices, and I left the house better than I found it. The utilities were doubled some months ago because your company doesn't know how to do anything other than add dollars that you can't compare to the usage. How do you sleep at night knowing that you work for a company erroneously bills false utilities and keeps security deposits? 935 American Homes 4 Rent Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer Make that 936 complaints.

I have my move out pictures and will be filing a complaint against American Homes for rent. It's about principal at this point. CLEAN High expectation move in should have been from the beginning when I moved in and emailed my inspection. I didn't get a discount on my 1st month's rent for cleaning up from a previous renter.

Stay away from renting from these people. They monopolize the renters world and keep security deposits. Thank God it was a 1-year lease, and I was able to move out. These people who work for their company should integrity and heart that they know they are doing use hardworking Americans wrong. These complaints will be filed with the BBB better business bureau and the AZ association of realtors as this is Not right.

User's recommendation: RUN buy a home don't rent if your fico is 590 BUY.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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