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We moved in our property in 2015 and left in 2020. Upon leaving we got a video of things we're expected to do before leaving the property.

One of those was to paint any wall with a disruption in paint. So if you hung a photo or curtains then you were required to repaint that entire section of the wall, whether it was 20 feet long or 20 feet high. Ya, NO!! The kicker is that when we moved in we were allowed to have small holes without having to fix them, however, by 2020 they changed their policy and expected us to adhere to it after the fact.

Each new lease renewal had something new but, they still called it a renewal. They also did not perform any inspections to see what the property looked like prior to each renewal. This was to their detriment because we could argue that the property was like that prior to the signing of the contract. My property manager lied every chance she could get not knowing I was in the legal field.

I noted everything during the course of our stay and was well prepared to sue them if I did not receive a fair compromise. In the end, they tried to charge me to repaint the house because it had several random nail holes, They also tried to charge me for 2 additional days of being there because we did not "check out" when we left. Well our lease was up June 30th. We left June 30th so, it's not my job to check and make sure their property has been vacated.

They tried to charge me for the 2 days it took them to check on their own property.

In the end, I reported them to the BBB and the problem was resolved by 3pm the next day. We received our security deposit back minus a few incidentals, light bulbs etc and additional utilities because they pay the utilities and then charge back to the tenants.

User's recommendation: I do not recommend this company.

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I wish everyone Knew how to deal with this company. Thanks for posting

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