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Philip Irby at American Homes 4 Rent was the conman who stole my $3500 deposit money at American Homes 4 Rent. Their head office staff in Agoura Hills in California told me that he was not based in Utah where he had listed several of the companies homes for lease, but instead that he worked in their I.T department in their Las Vegas office opposite the airport.

Their head office said they had no idea that Philip Irby was advertising their rental properties and taking deposits for these properties. American Homes 4 rent head office claimed no involvement with Mr. Irby's scam and apologized for my loss but said it was out of their hands and they could not return my deposit because they never got the money at all.

So I asked the head office this...

How does Philip Irby apparently a high level I.T worker in Vegas get access to all of their rental homes to be able to unlock the doors so that I can go inside to inspect it in the first place?

The answer from the American Homes 4 Rent head office was beyond shocking. They told me that because this Philip Irby character was their Chief Information Office and managed all of their I.T staff that he actually had access to all of the door codes, security cameras, alarm systems and pretty much everything and was able to unlock the door for anyone anytime he wanted to.

So at the end of the day this lousy conman Philip Irby cons me out of my $3500 deposit and American Homes 4 Rent do nothing to help me get it back.

What else do people like Mr. Irby do with so much free access to thousands of homes owned by American Homes 4 Rent ? That is probably the most scary thing of all.

DO NOT RENT from American Homes 4 Rent, their staff members like Philip Irby are just as criminal and dishonest as the company. God knows what else he does with all those door codes and security cameras !

User's recommendation: Keep safe and don't give your deposit money to Philip Irby CIO at American Homes 4 Rent as he will steal it and you won't see it again.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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report the company to the BBB they are responsible for their employees' actions.


Glad we saw this post before actually renting a house of American Homes 4 Rent. No way would I feel safe in one of their houses when they have I.T staff who can spy on me and my family and open doors to my home from their computers.

Imagine how easy it would be for anyone to rob us or even worse! Forget it.

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