I cannot get a hold of anyone ever!! I leave voicemails and get no response, OR I get an email back with no resolve or attention to the matter at hand.

They actually give false information. The property manager is rude and unprofessional lacking any and all customer service skills. I spoke to her supervisor once who was quite helpful I thought we were making headway but she also lacks follow thru. They say mailboxes are not their responsibility, therefore they do not provide a mail key.

I have no need for the mailbox, so I did not spend $100 to have a company come out and get a key. 18 months into my lease, I start getting HOA fines that are 8 months old posted to my account. Why does it take so long for them to post them...they said because the home office is in another state? Funny, I didn't have that issue with the last company I rented from.

They also told me it's my fault because I do not have a mail key. They refuse to help me with the HOA to dispute fines, even though $400.00 is for overnight parking of a vehicle that is not ours. Now they are charging $100 late fee for every month I am still disputing. I was told to pay and then if it was resolved I would be refunded!

There is no way I trust them to do that. There were many red flags in the beginning. They are quick to approve and take deposit. After that they disappear!

I was told we could park overnight on the street. I specifically asked because I have adult children who come visit and my teenagers have vehicles. NOPE they lied! It took forever to get a copy of the CCR'S and a nasty engagement with a neighbor.

My ac goes out every few months and because there is ac upstairs there is no rush or need to fix the first floor in timely manner. They send a generic maintenance man who cannot do anything, to come look at issues 3 times before calling someone who has the capacity to get something done.

For the amount of rent we pay, we deserve a lot more. Attentive management that actually tends issues at a bare minimum

User's recommendation: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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