This is the worst property management company I have ever dealt with. They can never fix anything on the first visit.

They milk it out to three or four visits. Showing up with no tools , always claim it has to be sent to another person for approval. But want to stand around and talk for 4 hours. No thank you .

I took at least 12 hours off work in the last 3 weeks trying to fix a fireplace and sink. We have siding issues, a non working fireplace that was ripped out , parts ordered and then American Homes for rent management canceled the work order for the fire place. No one bothered to tell us. The worst part is , there was about 3 inches of wood drilled over the fireplace and we were not told.

We started a fire and the fireplace caught on fire. We had to take a shovel and move a fire grate with burning wood out of our living room and onto our grill outside to keep the house from burning down. Then we had to put a hose in the fireplace to put out the wood that was drilled in. We were NEVER told of this issue.

It was painted to match the exact inside of the fire place. There was no sticker or anything stating it did not work. Not even in the lease. We rented a house with what was "sold" as a working fire place.

We have been in the house 5 months and no fire place. The siding on the house is destroyed on the bottom of the house in the back yard from the landscaping company the former tenants used. You can lift it off the side of the house. When we sent pictures and asked for it to be fixed, we were told it was cosmetic, and they will not be fixing it.

The dishwasher and sink have been backed up since we moved in. When I turn on the disposal water shoots out the sink on the opposite side! They have been out 3 times and its still not fixed. Myself and my roommate have taken countless time off work for this company and they never come through.

.We are sending photos and documenting everything. Because now we are hearing horror stories about move out charges and non refunded deposits.

I will not rent from them again and I will not ever recommend anyone I know to rent from them. They are terrible and do not even deserve 1 star.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Homes 4 Rent Manager.

Location: Duluth, Georgia

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