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See video I am so disappointed. How do you have a room with uncomplete paint , after a lonnnnnng 48 hours I attempt to unwind with a good hot bath, by the way the bathroom is my absolutely FAVORITE place in the house.

I turn on the water after an eye roll at the faucet handles being in TWO OPPOSITE resting positions. I turn on the water & positioned the water stopper to stop my water for my bath , only realize someone has put the stopper on wrong and it has been left that way, just like the room with four colors in it, the closet glass sliding door that is off he rails the first time I try to go into the closet , or the restroom sink stopper the which is broke the first time I touched it , nevermind the fact I waited 3 weeks for make ready , to walk into a house with filthy carpet smell of pet odor. And a toilet that’s not working properly.My agent was told as I waited for the property to be made ready a walk through would be scheduled. I WALKED THRU Thursday ( because I reminded them I HADN’T saw inside) we moved in Fri, ( not before asking the agent had he saw the inside of the house). And the agent told my agent we aren’t done with it she move in tomorrow! I’m in . And they still ARENT DONE AND HAVE DECIDED NOT TO ADDRESS Cosmetic issues . My cabinet has a dent in it in my kitchen, from the tenant before me... in fact all the is from the last tenants...

H4R are looking like scheming crooks ... I’m experiencing minimal to no property make ready , with less than quality parts and supppies!!! My first red flag ... they tried to raise the price , although the price was different when I applied for the property.

I want my hot bath , a clean space, quality appliances and materials to ensure my 12 months want be *** like the two days I have endured.


Ms BLOOM , Cedar Hill Tx

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