I'm writing this review because of my experience with American Home For Rent. We moved in Henderson back in 2016.

Mary Macke was the manager and she gave us *** We paid her the check and she still called police officers to escort us out of the house. They closed our portal, and didn't want any business with us. We can even pay for the rent but they keep sending back our money. They gave us a bad background review for nothing.

We tried to work things out with them about the payments and how to send the money but they refused the money. We even take this to court and the judge over there in Henderson court is really stupid to know the situation and just dismissed us. This Mary Macke really made it very hard for us! I don't understand what kind of business is this?

If people have the money to pay for the rent... don't turn your back away from them and call the police... work with them. My mom almost died from heart surgery and I had to be there for her...

Me and my mom tried reasoning with the manager but she doesn't have any heart at all. I don't know what this country is turning into. I'm telling you as a hard working person that had so many battles with these stupid American Home For Rent people... DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH AMERICAN HOME FOR RENT!

IF YOU RENT FROM THEM... THEY WILL RUIN YOU AND RUIN YOUR BACKGROUND. These people are trying to make a problem for nothing... We paid on time without any problems...

Then they gave us a bad review on our background for nothing.

I don't understand why there is no good and smart people in Nevada. Just a bunch of heartless people that can't even do business.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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