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As of November 20, 2017, the issues raised in my review of American Homes 4 Rent have been completely resolved to all parties, including my own, satisfaction. I have no further ongoing or outstanding complaints on American Homes 4 Rent at this time, and any lawsuit that would have been pending is also dissolved and dismissed.

I thank the American Homes 4 Rent upper management professionals and staff for getting involved and resolving all of my complaints and issues raised to my complete satisfaction. Thank you again!

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2017

I leased a large luxury home in Suwanee (Atlanta) Georgia about a year ago. American Homes 4 Rent lied to us on the maintenance standards and condition of the home to get us to lease the property for over $5,000 per month.

The first nearly three months we had no air conditioning as 2 out of the 3 air conditioners were completely broken (outside temperatures then were over 90 degrees) and ultimately required replacing and would not work, as well as the water heater did not work and had to be replaced so no hot water.so no hot water either for nearly 3 months either. After requesting maintenance through their maintenance request website (which I have determined to be a fraudulent system) they put off maintenance and wanted to get bid after bid after bid. I found that many of the vendors will not work with American Homes 4 Rent because they are a shady company and do not properly pay their vendors for the work done and have been blackballed! Then we had severe problems with the roof leaking massive water and reported it..

After many, many months still no-one ever showed up to fix it and now we have a severe BLACK MOLD problem that threatens my familys health. These are just a few of the problems, I have left out most like the severe electrical problems that present a fire hazard and other issues which AH4R has never even had someone come to repair even after numerous requests in writing and verbal. So finding that this company needed to be held accountable, and that I believed they were putting off maintenance in order to fraudulently pad their corporate earnings and obtain lower loan rates, better public offering rates, and increase their corporate bonuses for the insiders I decided to take them to court and also look for the many others who have been defrauded by these corporate slumlords and fraudsters. I have filed a MAJOR FRAUD lawsuit against AMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT in the Gwinnett County Georgia Superior Court this JANUARY 2017.

The lawsuit is now progressing well and may most likely be converted into a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT with a target damages claim of $400 MILLION DOLLARS. I would love to hear your story on how AH4R has defrauded you, and or avoided (and/or delayed) their maintenance obligations. The fraud suit alleges that AH4R is putting off or not doing necessary maintenance on their properties in order to fraudulently manipulate their corporate books and earnings by (eliminating normal maintenance obligations) from their operating books, 8K's and 10K's. This is similar to the SECURITIES FRAUD committed by Bernie Ebbers who was the CEO of MCI WorldCom who is now serving a 25-year Federal Prison sentence!

Please contact me immediately at 202-569-**** or email me at Law4usa@***.com to learn more, participate, and/or share you misfortunes that this slumlord has perpetrated upon you and your family. 07-14-2017

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300000.

Preferred solution: LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT.

American Homes 4 Rent Cons: Fraud, Fraudulent activity.

Location: 2 Suite 210, Sun Ct NW, Norcross, GA 30092, USA

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Yes I also rented in Illinois. Worse company I have ever dealt with and now they put something g on my credit with no explanation.

I was told on move out all was good. They pull back all communication emails now. WTH.

I moved because someone was killed in my front lawn as was not safe. Someone needs to put and end to all of this bs.


I have *** around by this company for 3 weeks now. When I came to view the house it stunk of dog and dog urine.

they assured me they would take care of it before we moved in. I moved in an it still stunk BAD.

If anyone is thinking of filing a class action law suit again, count me in. I will check this on a regular basis to see who is up for it


I have been renting from them in FL for about a month. AC is still not fix!! horrible company DO NOT RENT FROM THEM


Who's ready to file a complaint to get a class action lawsuit? hadeliaha@***.com


I am they take your money without any problem but with fake pictures online and then when it's time to move in it is trash.




Appears I’m not the only one. Had the driveway washing issue also. It looked the same when I moved out as when I moved in.


Man I wish I knew about this comment before we rented over a year ago. Maintenance has gone down hill and no one will work with them I was told by the last guy who quit.

I have done ALL repairs myself, even pulling out dead bushes because she told me I would lose my deposit. Complete fraud!


I had roof leaking through the ceiling, black mold and no A/C. When I finally left the Has in almost perfect condition they came up with these crazy things like A/C filter charges.

The day before I left they put in brand new A/C and it came with new filter.No window screens. There never was any.Trim the trees. 2-3 weeks prior I had just had them done. Per HOADamage to ceiling..

ahh black mold from the water coming through.There are so many more.I have all the maintenance reports etc. I’m exhausted I even got sick.I have now requested they resolve in 48hours or I will also file lawsuit


I am having the same problem with them. We were lied to as well and they will not let us break our lease early.

I am looking for an attorney now.

Any advise where to start the process? Thank you and sorry for all you've been through.


I am now having a problem with this company as well. They sent in a vendor treat the mold but now wants me to pay the bill of 972.00.

I'm in the process of seeking legal advice. This home is located in Memphis, TN.


Where do I go to join the lawsuit against American Homes 4 Rent. I had enough with this company. I have a lawsuit on my own against the agents in the office in Houston.

@Linda M Krd

I want to join as well! This company is horrible! Any advice?


sign me up, Samuel.montejo323@***.com

@Linda M Krd

Want to join law suite


Predatory and Fraudulent Inducement plus NegligenceFraudulently induced our family (6 kids and 3 dogs, on record) to take a lease on a property of theirs that did not have a fence based on a promise (in writing) they would install one and it wouldn't take more than a few weeks, only then to admit months later after pressuring them that they hadn't even begun the process with the HOA, even though they were charging us higher rent for the fence. Worse still, black water came out of all the faucets and tubs plus showers on move in, the gas was not turned on so we couldn't cook (with 6 kids!!!), the garage door wouldn't (and still won't) close without being forcibly shut by holding down the power button, door bell was completely inoperable (and didn't work for a long time per their contractor who fixed it, but not the garage door, or the dryer vent), dryer vent and main bath sinks plus tub were respectively clogged completely with lint and hair which forced the dryer and main bath to be rendered literally broken and unusable, then the refrigerator went out of whack due to an electrical storm and rather than check the electrical as instructed they only weeks (and hundreds of dollars in lost food) later ordered and delivered a new fridge that didn't resolve the problem but did also result in the new fridge having issues that weeks later still isn't working e.g.

freezer on lowest setting is frosting over and the fridge on mid to high setting is room temperature, all of which they still intentionally ignore but then took action to try and evict us 3 days after the past due date on the rent (despite us paying in advance of our own accord - not a requirement - to show good faith), and this is far (far) from all the trouble they've caused e.g.

dog being impounded by animal control because it got out of the yard due to one of our little kids opening the sliding screen door (which was intentionally dismantled by them to make the sliding glass door work (which wouldn't lock on move in - HUGE safety violation). In short, STAY CLEAR of American Homes 4 Rent, and PLEASE DO contact me if you would like us to join or to start a class action lawsuit against the company with you, because they need to be taken to task and answer plus pay for their obvious predatory, fraudulent, and negligent actions against their tenants, all of which are well documented (pictorially and videographically, since move in, in our case).


We would have joined your lawsuit if we had known but now that it's dismissed I guess it's no help. Hope you have better luck with a different company


We are having the same problem with AH4R. They have ignored all emails about repairs to the AC mold problem from a leaking shower, and we have no heat on our first floor.

They have canceled our online access so we have to go pay at Wal-Mart, which hardly ever works and we receive late fees for our rent being late. How do we combat this problem with this company??????


How do I find out all needed information about a house in Ocala Fl / 3310sw 34th street? That is listed with Americanhomes4rent, agent Mr. Thomas.


Here in Fort Worth TX we had a leak in roof and the Ceiling got wet and turned black. Many shingles off the roof and they sent a Mexican guy who spoke no English.

He comes with an open bundle of shingles and a can of tar. He put on the shingles that flew off and the home is 15 years old with original roof. He then comes in with a can of White Spray paint to fix ceiling which was black. He painted over the black and left.

I called and they said it was fine. What a joke and my lease up in March.

I am so out of here after 2 years. Rent goes up and they do nothing.

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