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As of November 20, 2017, the issues raised in my review of American Homes 4 Rent have been completely resolved to all parties, including my own, satisfaction. I have no further ongoing or outstanding complaints on American Homes 4 Rent at this time, and any lawsuit that would have been pending is also dissolved and dismissed.

I thank the American Homes 4 Rent upper management professionals and staff for getting involved and resolving all of my complaints and issues raised to my complete satisfaction. Thank you again!

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2017

I leased a large luxury home in Suwanee (Atlanta) Georgia about a year ago. American Homes 4 Rent lied to us on the maintenance standards and condition of the home to get us to lease the property for over $5,000 per month.

The first nearly three months we had no air conditioning as 2 out of the 3 air conditioners were completely broken (outside temperatures then were over 90 degrees) and ultimately required replacing and would not work, as well as the water heater did not work and had to be replaced so no hot water.so no hot water either for nearly 3 months either. After requesting maintenance through their maintenance request website (which I have determined to be a fraudulent system) they put off maintenance and wanted to get bid after bid after bid. I found that many of the vendors will not work with American Homes 4 Rent because they are a shady company and do not properly pay their vendors for the work done and have been blackballed! Then we had severe problems with the roof leaking massive water and reported it..

After many, many months still no-one ever showed up to fix it and now we have a severe BLACK MOLD problem that threatens my familys health. These are just a few of the problems, I have left out most like the severe electrical problems that present a fire hazard and other issues which AH4R has never even had someone come to repair even after numerous requests in writing and verbal. So finding that this company needed to be held accountable, and that I believed they were putting off maintenance in order to fraudulently pad their corporate earnings and obtain lower loan rates, better public offering rates, and increase their corporate bonuses for the insiders I decided to take them to court and also look for the many others who have been defrauded by these corporate slumlords and fraudsters. I have filed a MAJOR FRAUD lawsuit against AMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT in the Gwinnett County Georgia Superior Court this JANUARY 2017.

The lawsuit is now progressing well and may most likely be converted into a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT with a target damages claim of $400 MILLION DOLLARS. I would love to hear your story on how AH4R has defrauded you, and or avoided (and/or delayed) their maintenance obligations. The fraud suit alleges that AH4R is putting off or not doing necessary maintenance on their properties in order to fraudulently manipulate their corporate books and earnings by (eliminating normal maintenance obligations) from their operating books, 8K's and 10K's. This is similar to the SECURITIES FRAUD committed by Bernie Ebbers who was the CEO of MCI WorldCom who is now serving a 25-year Federal Prison sentence!

Please contact me immediately at 202-569-**** or email me at Law4usa@***.com to learn more, participate, and/or share you misfortunes that this slumlord has perpetrated upon you and your family. 07-14-2017

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300000.

Preferred solution: LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT.

American Homes 4 Rent Cons: Fraud, Fraudulent activity.

Location: 2 Suite 210, Sun Ct NW, Norcross, GA 30092, USA

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They have been double billing on the Coned utilities. Also I get no information concerning usage they just charge whatever.

Even if I do not use anything in the house I am still charged exorbitant utility fees. It is also messed up to give us until the 5th to pay rent and utilities that vary from month to month.

I would love to get out of this lease and never look back. I was going to file a BBB complaint and still think I will but I am all in on a class action.

@Chanze Laj

Ty for your comment. I was looking at one of their homes for rent in my area.


I need to seek an attorney because they claimed it was a pre lease sight unseen never heard of it they don't repond to emails or calls. The regional manager let's his peons do his dirty work because he does not respond.

I asked to look at the home before move in they allowed me the day of move in what a joke.

If there are enough people there should be a class action suit because they are ripping people off left and right. They need to out of business.


I agree! How is a class action suit filed


I am in the same boat. Horrible company . Do not rent from them


They took my money but the house is a disaster. Mold around the shower,stained bathtub and shower,walls have all kinds of different colors on the walls in patches.

The inspection showed just some of the problems. They are a RIP off a d I ever took possession of the property


Is this lawsuit still taking new clients? We need help and keep being financially raped by AH4R. Thank you ~ Yvé yve.davis2015@***.com

@Josef Kae

hi , now sure what year this post was written on , but I am renting from American home 4 rent now . and would love to join a lawsuit


Anyone Out there wanting to start a new Law Suite as they have not changed with 250 Complaints to BBB in 12 months. Reply to my comment if interested.

@Bing Zyy

Me! What they are doing is outright fraud.

They never fix anything-- the lease is written in a way that you're on the hook for the repairs, and the cycle continues. How many times can you charge new tenants for the same issue and not use the security deposit that you are pocketing?

I am going to see if I can find the previous tenant of my home and message her on Facebook to see what they charged her for. If those things haven't been repaired prior to my moving in, I feel like it's almost like a smoking gun?

@Jhan Szx

I Just wrote a BBB Complaint and sent them Official letter claiming I would go to court and sent it by registered post and normal post to local office and head office to fulfil leagal requirements. it got them moving for now. will see if they fall short again and keep you updated.

@Jhan Szx

Yes, we just moved out of a home we lived in for 3.5 years and on top of our $1625 deposit, they're stating we owe another $1261.17. This is after we followed ALL the move out instructions and made sure the house was "move-in-ready" for new tenants apart from normal wear and tear that a home leasing company surely should have to attend to after almost 4 years.

They want the tenants to "repair the home" and cover their maintenance. We're being charged for pressure washing the outside of the home and resealing gutters.

@Jhan Szx


@Bing Zyy

Yes this company is horrible !!!!!

@Bing Zyy

interest in the law suit

@Bing Zyy

Omg I wish I had seen these comments before now. We moved in two months ago.

Have contacted them several times about the A/C not working they have sent people out 4 different times. One minute it works while they're here and then it completely stop. After one week the master shower started leaking and water ran through the ceiling into my ddownstairs. They send someone out they say the pipes had busted and rotted.

The company charges us $625 for the water damage when clearly it was there old pipes. Looks like I'll be taking them to court and moving the *** out.


Aked for an early termination of my lease due to a job offer elsewhere and they agreed not telling me that I would still have to pay for the remaining months on my lease even tho they agreed to the “early termination”


Ah4r also put some stuff on my credit saying that I was evicted but I wasn't I stayed until my lease was up so why would they put that on my credit saying I owe them 3000 but they will settle for 1500 that's crazy.


We moved in to our temporary townhouse out of our home and day two, I start to wash my clothes and the washer is broke. I have soaking wet laundry and when I email the property manager Matt Wallace and tell him I moved in yesterday to a NON WORKING WASHING machine he said per his email response “All the appliances are tested during the turn process.

Unfortunately I have stick to the terms of the lease, and I cannot have the washer serviced.

You would be responsible for serving or purchasing your own.” this is unprofessional at its finest!!! We use to rent out our other property and I would never treat my tenants like this, it’s unprofessional and uncalled for!


That's our property manager in illinois!

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