I applied for a rental with this company and much to my surprise I was denied. The rental agent, Tia made several errors in the application process that indirectly impacted my ability to obtain a home.

For example, after I applied and paid the $50 fee. She sent a series of emails asking me to verify items. These items where enclosed in the rental application. The largest "error" that was made was my monthly income.

Actual monthly income is 14500 between two jobs. 7500 per month, job one. 7000 per month job 2. She entered my income as 7500 and 700.

Of course this threw off my debt to income ratio on the application. Also, I had stated that I had three dogs, one of which is an PSD. She asked me in one of the three emails if I was brining any animals. I referred her back to the completed application where I even provided my PSD letters.

I can't help but think that this company discriminated against my rental application as a result of the PSD. Finally, my credit scored was transposed incorrectly. In the amount of almost 200 points. I requested my credit report and score from their source experian.

This information including my accurate income was shared with both American homes 4 rent as well as the bogus company they use to verify their residents, Rent Grow. Rent grow and AH4R denied my appeal, stating they had no clue why I was appealing the decision. They told me to appeal the credit score with Experian, even though I copied and pasted the actual report from Experian.

In a nut shell.

Don't divulge that you have a service dog, you will be discriminated against.

Take your business elsewhere. No wonder they have so many properties listed for rent.

Shame on you.

User's recommendation: Don't bother.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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