If you are reading this and thinking of renting from American Homes 4 Rent, do your self a big favor and don't do it.

That is unless you enjoy being on hold for hours when you need to report a problem, answering the same questions 3 times to three different people, with long holds in between, everytime you want to report and issue, going for weeks with no AC, and having a different property manager every six months that has a phone # in a different area code that is guaranteed to go straight to voice mail.

However if you happen to enjoy elevator music and general overall misery go ahead and do it.

I am speaking from experience as a two plus year renter. It will be a happy day when I no longer rent from them. Give yourself a pat on the back for being smart enough to read reviews before signing the contract!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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Have had the same issue in Atlanta


I second that. I am shocked to read so many complaints with the exact same issues.

AH4R just bought my property from another company and I wish I had more notice to do my homework before my lease had to be renewed. AH4R has only owned my property since April of this year and already I have had more nightmares with them then all my years combined renting since the age of 18 (and that's a lot of years). The only way to reach anyone is first calling the toll free number based in Vegas which trains their reps to not listen and give scripted answers but you have to verify your personal information a bunch of times before they will send you to the right department even though you know which one you need to begin with. Be ready to verify yourself 3-4 times before your reach the right person (oh and after verifying my cell number several times on 1 call that ended up being 35 minutes total holding between transfers to wrong departments-I was hung up on and the person that hung up on me obviously had my # to call me back but didn't.

So I had to call back and start from scratch at the end of the day for an emergency repair that they accidentally cancelled). Horrible service, they don't care about the integrity of their properties. One exterior repair looks worse after and they are ok with that. No one responds to my emails locally here in AZ and a week later I am still waiting for a repair for a collapsed garage hanging only by the rod connected to the motor.

The way I have been talked to and treated is almost unreal. I feel like I stepped into some kind of nightmare. Can a whole company be conspiring to make their tenants miserable? It sure feels like it.

Just hoping the house gets sold again so I don't have to move from a place I love so much but I cant deal with this kind unprofessionalism. I feel my heart racing just thinking about it.

BBB here I come! The comments of people saying they have had no issues over years of renting are either under cover employees or folks with REALLY low standards for how they are treated.

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