I have been at this rental for a few years and then rent goes up every year. I have never been late.

To renew this year, the rent went up. I agreed to a one-year lease, which they sent the last week it was up, and apparently never received the signed lease agreement. Now they are billing month to month which we all know is a higher rent price. I was actually called from the office about this renewal, which they sent last minute but I have yet to have them call back about receiving the lease and I am being billed month to month.

Several calls later and still no response. Twice, my AC needed to be completely replaced, it took 2 weeks and that was in the middle of the summer! Terrible customer service.

Non-responsive. Not to mention the leaks that continue and are damaging their own property!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Accept my signed lease agreement. I am not at fault at the delaying of receiving them..

American Homes 4 Rent Pros: How easy it was to start the rental process.

American Homes 4 Rent Cons: Unable to talk to anyone to correct a problem.

Location: 19115 Old F-M 2252 #20, Garden Ridge, TX 78266, USA

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