I rented with these guys a little over a year ago. I read all of the reviews, and was scared at first, but non of the reviews where for this area and I had friends that where currently renting with them and they had no issues so I gave them a shot.

Needless to say, everyone should take theses reviews with a grain of salt. I had NO issues with them. At all. They fixed what needed to be fixed after our initial walk through.

We had one issue 6 months in with the ice maker and they sent someone out within 24hours and got it fixed. We gave our notice (bought a house) and moved out. We cleaned the place really well and got pretty much the entire deposit back. All and all- we had a good experience and had no issues.

My friends also had no issues when them- they even had to break their lease because they had to move for work- and had no issues. So in this area- they seem to work out just fine.....

Both myself and my friend had dogs too...... If that helps

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Location: Hardeeville, South Carolina

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That's great that you and your friend were able to get through the AH4R rental experience unscathed. However, if you read all of the other reviews from South Carolina, on this and many other websites, you'll see that your experience is quite the anomaly.

I'm sure your heart was in the right place when you advised people to take the bad reviews with a "grain of salt." However, it's actually a disservice to them based on the vast number of opposing comments. Hopefully, potential renters will see your experience for what it was - sheer luck.


Its great that someone had a great experience but I wouldn't caution anyone to take with a grain of salt. A lot of these complaints are identical to mine, all in different states.

My property was taken over by them from another company (a house that I love by the way) and the service has been so bad I am seriously thinking about moving from a home I put a lot of work and love into just because the service has been that bad... from the inability to get a hold of someone directly, the horrible customer service over the phone, not handling urgent work orders correctly, the attitudes of the staff and the unannounced charges for repairs they tack onto your rent without first telling you. And not even notifying their new tenants that they took over the properties and what to expect! Horrible!

Worst experience ever! Please take it seriously.

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