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AHFR is a scam just like all the other reviews pointed out. I rented a home in Blacklick, OH from them and I have had no less than 5 work orders for repairs that should have been caught long before I moved into the house.

The latest fiasco is the leaking fridge that took 3 trips before they replaced it with a new fridge. Now they won't connect the water to the fridge so I can have filtered water and ice! They claim it is my responsibility. So I tried to connect the water hose and there is a leak in the hose.

I then called a plumber and they won't touch the job because the house is owned by a company. I called them and reported what I did and they reported the lease does not obligate them to fix the water period. Is there anything else they can help me with.

I think this is unacceptable but I have no recourse because the lease has some funky verbiage saying they don't have to maintain the home in the condition I rented the house in. Stay away from this company unless you want half *** service and to get ripped off at every turn.

User's recommendation: Stay away from this company.

American Homes 4 Rent Cons: Bad service and property manager solves no problems.

Location: 1676 Brice Road, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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I have rented a brand new home from this company and it has been a nightmare. I moved in and there was no gas meter connected to the property. amount other issues that have not been resolved

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