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We’ve rented from them for about 2 years now. There has been good and bad so I’ll do my best to give both.

Applying and being excepted was easy and smooth. I didn’t like having to drive an hour to pay the deposit and first months rent, but that is the only complaint.

On move in the house was dirty. The window sills has at least a years worth of dirt stored in them. The cabinets were disgusting, and the carpet was dirty. On the first vacuum there was so much dog hair that we had to empty the vacuum 3 times to finish the entire house.

We had 3 maintenance issues. One was taken care of rather quickly, the second took forever to fix and the third they tried to make me pay until I proved it wasn’t on me. The second one was due to a tornado passing near. The fence was torn down and we lost shingles off the roof. It took months to get them to fix the fence and the work was pretty bad. The 3rd maintenance issue was the locks on the house. One day out of the blue the keys didn’t work on the front door. I called the service number and was told locks were my responsibility and I needed to review my lease before I contacted them. I reviewed the lease were it clearly said it was their responsibility and I was told I needed to contact my property manger. It was difficult to contact the property manager because it changed on what seemed like a monthly basis and as tenants we aren’t notified when this change happens. They eventually took care of it.

I was pretty frustrated with the lease renewal process. Long story short my rent increased but by doing the math of available properties compared to square footage, we were paying exactly what we should been paying the first year and it should of continued into the second. I countered their offer and they dropped it a little but I still think we over paid. I believe they are taking advantage of the fact that they know moving is tediuous and with kids a move could mean changing schools.

I haven’t moved out yet, I move next month, but I’ll tell you I’m not very confident in the process so far. I’m being told that the final inspection will be done after I leave, which I think is an opportunity for them to take advantage of the security deposit. With all the horror stories I’ve seen on here.... I’m concerned we will be next. I’ll update this after move out.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

American Homes 4 Rent Pros: Location of home and area, And the easy access to the portal to make payments.

American Homes 4 Rent Cons: Poor follow-up, Treatment by local mgr and limited escalation procedures.

Location: 801 E Campbell Rd #460, Richardson, TX 75081, USA

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